2017 09 grandparents frt



On Thursday 24th August, we invited grandparents to join us at Smythesdale. There was a fabulous turnout and students were delighted to show their special guests around their classrooms and school.

The teachers had planned many fun activities to involve the grandparents and some guests even brought along show and tell items from their childhood days to share. Most students interviewed their grandparents and had photos taken with them in our photo booth.

The juniors made grandparent portraits and played snap. The middles shared what they might look like when they are grandparents and the seniors completed activities on Essential Assessment and Reading Eggs.

The grandparents were treated to a lovely morning tea in the staffroom.

2017 09 Grandparents 01
2017 09 Grandparents 02
2017 09 Grandparents 03