2019 09 young writers


On Friday 30th of August the young authors program participants travelled to the Australian Catholic University for the third and final Writers Workshop. Each group rotated through three different activities introducing various topics and styles of writing.

We were fortunate enough to meet George Ivanoff, an author who writes the You Choose series, Life, Death and Detention, Other worlds, and the Australian Survival guide. He taught us how to plan a choose your own adventure story, and he read the first few pages of ‘In The Realm Of Dragons’ to give us an idea of the story structure.

Another rotation was experiencing the struggles and challenges of a sports commentator, then we attempted to write our own commentary sports script, matching it to a video of our choice. Unfortunately, the last activity was replaced due to our author being absent, so instead we enjoyed our time around the lake and were given the task to draw or write about the 5 senses in the form of a poem, script or information report.

But overall the day ran smoothly leaving all student participants (and teachers) satisfied.

By Taylah G and Rachel B