2018 04 shade sail main


In 2017 we applied for a grant to assist our campus in protecting our students from the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation with extra shade. Our playground has a wide area that is exposed to the sun during school hours and additionally into after school hours when a lot of students play with younger siblings. We were 1 of only 9 successful school and have been given a grant of almost $22,000 to build a shade structure over this uncovered portion of the playground!

The sails have now been hoisted up and tightened and they are now ready for years of quality sun shade for our students here this year and into the future. We are very happy for all the work that local providers ‘Shade n Sails’ have completed, and our playground has been reinvigorated by the addition of the shading.

Many of the senior students were part of the application process and were a big help in gaining the grant for the school - well done to all those students. The students enjoyed sharing the grand opening of the Shade Sail with an Icy Pole and a bit of play in the shade!


2018 04 Shade Sail 01