Woady Yaloak Primary SchoolEstablished in 1994, Woady Yaloak Primary School is the product of the community initiated amalgamation of four rural schools located at Scarsdale, Smythesdale, Snake Valley and Ross Creek (in an area approximately 20 km south west of Ballarat).

This draws together four historic goldfield schools. Woady Yaloak operates as a multi site school, offering a small school setting with the advantages which emanate from a large school environment. The school is committed to successfully unifying the four communities to develop a coherent sense of belonging.
At Woady we strive to "Achieve Together."

A single administration manages the four campuses with the main administration centre based at Smythesdale. Specialist teachers travel to each of the campuses to deliver their respective programs. The specialist areas include :- Science, L.O.T.E. – Japanese, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and S.E.P.E.P.

As one school we have shared beliefs, values and mission. We have a strong emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills as well as the development of a positive sense of self worth, tolerance and a healthy lifestyle. This is supported by our “You Can Do It” and Bounce Back” programs.

The school’s goals demonstrate a strong commitment to improving teaching and learning, with a specific focus on improving Literacy and Numeracy outcomes across the school.

The achievement of these goals is supported by current research and a suite of programs involving targeted professional development and the introduction of new teaching and learning programs planned by our Professional Learning Teams. All staff members have demonstrated a commitment to on-going professional learning and the sharing of best practice.