The Smythesdale Campus Parents and Friends Association are a group of old and new parents of Students from Smythesdale. This active group forms the link between the school and home and supports programs both financially and in-kind.

Over the years the P&F have raised funds for our student’s excursion and camps programs. The funds raised throughout the year also pay for an end of year trip to the movies for all the children at our Campus with P & F covering the full cost of the transport and movie tickets. Its an event thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children and a fabulous way to end another school year packed full of fun and hard work!

We hold various fundraisers over the year including BBQ's (This year we had a Masters BBQ), Pie drives, Lollie drives etc.

One of the main things we do throughout the year is provide a “Meal Deal” lunch for the children, the children always enjoy their special lunch, which is prepared by the P & F members!

The P&F provides an opportunity for parents to meet regularly with the Principal and Campus Head in order to ensure that everything necessary is being done for the school, its community and, most importantly, the students. In this way the parents and school staff are able to assist each other greatly and contribute significantly to the life and the welfare of the school.

The Association also provides an opportunity for parents to connect, make friends, learn more about what is going on at school, raise funds for school projects, support new families or those in crisis, just to name a few.

Smythesdale Parents & Friends
Office Bearers

Coordinator: Lee Watson
Secreatry: Vick Jones
Fundraising: Alecia Van Gaans
Hot Lunches: Kylie Fisher & Ebony