page eco podInquiry based learning is the process adopted by students to gain knowledge and create authentic learning opportunities based around what interests them. As students move through the years this process takes on different forms. The younger years involve play based learning, the middle years focus on Student Directed Investigations and the seniors explore an Inquiry Model. In all of these Inquiry based learning processes there are 4 very important stages:
Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out and Going Further.

Teachers assist students to make their way through these stages as they attempt to answer essential questions. These questions have been created by the students based around what they want to know to ensure the project is meaningful and purposeful.

Inquiry learning is underpinned by the understandings that if students are engaged, organised, self-motivated and reflective the knowledge will follow. It is important to understand that these are skills essential for life long learning and do not belong solely in educational facilities